Leak Detection Villa Park

Villa Park Leak Detection

With many years of experience finding and fixing leaks in residential and commercial properties, The Leak Locator has become one of Orange County’s top names in leak detection. We are the ones that other plumbers call when they can’t locate the source of a leak.

Don’t let someone tear up your home or business in search of a leak, when you can know EXACTLY where it is before repair work begins. Call (949) 485-2736 today for a price quote.

Leak Repair Villa Park
Villa Park Slab Leak Repair

Slab Leak Detection Villa Park

If you notice a higher than normal water bill, or start hearing sounds of water running when none of your faucets are on, there is a good chance that you have a slab leak.

The majority of foundations in Southern California homes are concrete slabs that contain the base of your plumbing system. As homes age, so do your pipes, and it can be really difficult to see a leak when it happens in your slab. Often times slab leaks are hidden and do a lot of damage before they are discovered. Call us today at (949) 485-2736 if you think you may have a leak.

Why Choose

The Leak Locator

We are the trusted name in Orange County area leak detection services. We have extensive experience and training to handle such work and always adhere to safety standards and codes. Furthermore, our team is efficient, courteous, and polite.

Gas Leak Detection Villa Park

If you suspect that there may be a gas leak in your home or business, we have over 15 years of experience finding the most complicated leaks imaginable, and gas leaks are no exception.

Gas lines run in and around your home, so it is super important to make sure that they are maintained just like other areas of your home. Just like your water pipes, the gas pipes are aging along with your home and are susceptible to cracks and leaks.

Villa Park Gas Leak Repair
Villa Park Irrigation Leak Repair

Irrigation Leak Detection Villa Park

Our services are not just confined to inside your walls. We can also find irrigation leaks in your yard, including outside / outdoors.

Leaks in your sprinkler system can be hard to find without digging up your lawn. Just like inside your home, you don’t want to break your flooring or wall unless you know for sure where the leak is. We specialize in diagnosing the leak and pinpointing the location without destroying your yard.

A higher than normal water bill, or super wet / marshy grass or dirt in certain spots are key signs of an irrigation leak.